NeoMatic® Smart Home & Building Control Systems
  • The NeoMatic® automation system takes care of lights in your home or building, with one touch or even on its own depending on your preferred scenarios.

  • Color changing lights, LED strips, garden lighting, interior lighting and many more smart lighting possibilities.

  • Also our system can control any pumps, like water heater or under floor heating even your garden irrigation can be controlled by NeoMatic®.

  • A garage door, a pool cover or window curtains, blinds and shutters all controlled from one central system with one unified visualization. 

  • Include Third Party systems like Alarm Systems and CCTV to increase comfort and security.

  • A complete system like NeoMatic® also offers you the ability to control smart appliances which are capable of talking to our system, like a Miele home appliance for example.



With Simplicity at it´s core our system is custom designed to meet your needs.



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