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Nature Valley

An exclusive villa nestled in a valley just outside Larnaca, offers relaxed privacy with stunning views of the surrounding hills, security and comfort, an atmosphere of natured charm coupled with modern architecture and amenities. The homeowners of this luxury residence had specific ideas about the kind of quality, performance and simplicity they expect to enjoy in their new home. In their search for the right supplier of the future smart home automation system they knew they needed more than a of the shelf product.


Rhine Line took on the challenge of providing the homeowners with an automation system according to their needs, and after two and a half years of planning and installation we were able to meet and exceed those high expectations in a stunning control project that features our fully versatile NeoMatic© Smart Home Automation System.  The planning and installation process was enriched by close collaborations with architects, landscape designers, lighting designers, mechanical and electrical contractors. Understanding that the homeowners wanted to enjoy the pleasure of a luxury home entertainment and the peace of mind of a reliable control system that was easy to use, our team designed and programmed a system to control the high quality hardware with the homeowners’ own easy-to-use iPad devices.


For this project, a Teco CP1014 processor was used to controls the entire house, the hardware modules were separated into two panels located in the lower floor and the ground floor. For the lighting part alone a 70 outputs was used and due to flexible nature of the Teco dimming and switching modules our design was able control all the desired light technologies, specified by the lighting designer firm Archtube. Lighting technologies included LED spots lights, LED Strips lights, fluorescent cove lights, outdoor flood lights and spikes. In addition to lighting, the owners opted to include in the automation system the control of all blinds and curtains trough out the house.

Also include in the automation were underfloor heating, the pool control, extractor fans in bathrooms and closets. At the clients’ request, our firm collaborated closely with the contractor providing the home’s security system. Thus we created special signal exchange and programmed pre-defined actions in the event a burglar or fire alarm, such as flood lighting around the property activating detectors and gates, sending out notifications etc.

A residence of an

An architect’s residence incorporating a NeoMatic Automation system,

with multiroom audio capabilities


The client, true to his personal design beliefs, opted for clear, elegant lines, seamless finishes and a minimalistic approach. An important request was to minimise the clutter on the wall, meaning as few wall switches as possible and full control on the palm of your hand. This was easily achieved by means of our powerful Ipad NeoMatic Control Application.


In collaboration with Archtube Ltd, a professional lighting design office, Rhine Line Ltd took up the challenge and combined these design preferences and created the most appropriate lighting and audio control system.

Over 35 Outputs, including dimming, switching, 1/10 Volt LED control and just a few locations of switches, were the items necessary to fulfil this task. The Wireless Multiroom system offers a pleasant and comfortable listening experience spread over 4 independent zones around the house.

The finished product is an easy-to-use control scheme for all habitants with clever applications for everyday comfort. Additionally, the system was designed in such a way so as to allow room for upgrades in the future i.e. the addition of electric blinds.

Home Cinema for the UN-Soldiers at Ledra Palace Nicosia

Rhine Line Ltd was successfully tendered to design and delivery a professional Home Cinema System at Ledra Palace Hotel in Nicosia which is currently the UN Engineering Headquarters.

The project involved high-end Audio and Video equipment to ensure the most comfortable and realistic cinema experience possible. Given that the surrounding space was not optimal for a home cinema, Rhine Line Ltd achieved in creating a successful result.

The oversized 120” / 16:9 wide screen receives its picture from a 4000 ANSI Lumen Projector, capable of producing a 1080p resolution. For the audio part we used nothing less than a full DTS 7.1 True Cinema Surround System equipped with THX-High End Cinema Speakers. The media can be played trough the 3D capable Blue Ray Player with internet connectivity and USB external media supply.

As the space could be also used to have other events it was a special request from the Welfare Officer in charge that the speakers and seating arrangements could be temporally and easily removed. Given this special request Surround speakers on movable stands were installed.

After 3 days of installation, the entire system was handed over to a queue of smiling soldiers holding their favourite blue ray at hand!

Cayena Latin Fusion Restaurant

The interior lighting design was completed using over 40 System outputs featuring seamless fluorescent lighting, Led´s and unique pendant lighting fixtures as well as custom-made recessed spot lights.
The system is set for a total load of more

than 4000 Watt.

A customised application gives the client endless possibilities to create his or her own lighting scenarios. 

These scenarios shift within seconds automatically or by means of a centralised button consol in the reception area.

Fratelli Cafe Bar and Italian Restaurant

The interior lighting design was completed using 35 System outputs featuring Led´s and unique pendant lighting fixtures as well as design wall fixtures and outside lighting.
A special recessed track light with PAR36 lighting elements creates the right ambience for any event.
All the lighting sources are controlled using the NeoMatic automation system. 

Clients requested a system that was not only reliable and flexible but should be easy to use by all personnel.
We also implemented an automated schedule task so that lighting scenarios may switch without manual input. 

The scenario shift occurs gradually over a set period of time so that the change of lighting is indiscernible. 
Rhine Line Ltd completed this task without exceeding the projected budget in the end of 2010.


The Cyprus Theatre Museum

The Cyprus Theatre Museum opened to the public on March 27 2012, coinciding with World Theatre Day.
It is housed at the Panos Solomonides Cultural Centre in Limassol and it is common propriety of Limassol Municipality and the Cyprus Theatrical Organisation.  The exhibits of this unique museum present significant landmarks in the history of theatre art in Cyprus.

Rhine Line Ltd was in charge of delivering the complete lighting system.  In collaboration with the Lighting design team from Archtube Ltd in Nicosia who´s task was to create a dusk, theatre-like ambient throughout the entire museum, accented selectively by the artefacts.

PAR 36 Theatre Halogen Spots were used to illuminate the areas and the stage models individually.

The difficulty was the mix of Halogen light with LED lighting because of the fragile and rare nature of the costume.  LED Spots were added to enhance a save-lighting environment and protect certain exclusive fabrics.

By using our NeoMatic software it was able to provide over 40 dimming outputs, Halogen and 0-10V LED´s and more than 16 Switching outputs.
Through the intelligent and flexible nature of the system and the easy approach of creating lighting scenes, it was able to fully satisfy the needs and design requirements of the museum curator and the architect.



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