Our competent team is at your side from the beginning

A technology investment like a home automation system can save time and money and even help you get a more comfortable life style.

That´s why the right consultant is the key factor for success, Rhine Line Ltd can put you on the fast track by recommending the right solutions, creating customized system packages, and providing ongoing training and support to help you feel at home.


consulting and support

When you have a project in mind or simply need some help to get you started on the right path, we have local experts ready to help.

Our system and its flexible structure allow the customer a wide range of choices during the planning phase and later at the implementation phase.  A wide selection of colour schemes, button shapes and screen layouts is available. We will help you to choose the right product which will suit your needs.

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design solutions through our reliable partners

You feel that you need some help with a design question. We have the right contacts for you. Trough our constant collaboration with Lighting Designers, Architects and Interior Designers we can help you to find the right expert.

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installation and programming

Our Building Automation System is based on an intelligent software named NeoMatic® which is designed by Rhine Line Ltd and assembled in Cyprus using European-made products.Given that the technologies is developed right here, lets you rest assure that the training and knowledge of our team is unique.

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after sale service

One of our strongest values is our after sale service. Well know and appreciated throughout our client base. Apart from our telephone and modem service we offer our client and free of charge 6 month reprogramming period. In this time frame the costumer can test the system and if he sees that some function are not the way he wants them to be, we come and reprogram it free of charge.